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With over 22 years of live event commentary skills Toby has commentated on ITV 4, Eurosport, Sky Sports, ESPN, NBC, Fox Sports (Australia), Speed TV, Star Sports amongst many.



With a wide knowledge of F1, MotoGP, WRC, Le Mans 24hrs and BSB, Toby is particularly knowledgable in the everyday machinations of four and two wheeled motor sport on an international level.



Well known as the English voice of MotoGP for nearly two decades Toby commentated on over 840 Grands Prix through the 500cc era into MotoGP seeing the rise and success of Valentino Rossi was a thrill.


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Fascinated by the history of motor sport has always been a strong point of Toby’s, leading him to commentate at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, the Silverstone Classic and Shelsley Walsh.



The extreme sports weekend of the year sees Toby commentating at the world famous X Games on Global RallyCross, Enduro-X and Stadium Super Trucks...all on ESPN and ABC.



The world’s largest motor sport event, the Dakar Rally, covers three weeks and 6,000 miles. Toby has been the chosen voice of the Dakar TV coverage seven times when the event was in Africa and South America.


A strong point of Toby’s is holding an audience’s attention with a dynamic and lively presentation for manufacturers, sponsors or teams. With over fifteen years experience his skills are used worldwide.



Documentaries, DVDs, TV and radio adverts are a speciality of Toby’s. Clients have included MTV, Audi, Honda, Yamaha, KTM, Annual Review DVDs, and Grid 2 computer game.

Latest News


May 23, 2016

The 2016 Red Bull Global Rally Cross Championship.

Phoenix 2016


October 13, 2015

Hosting the World Endurance Championship on free-to-air Quest TV



July 27, 2015

Global RallyCross in Detroit for NBC was a Ford double-bubble.

Detroit GRC


July 20, 2015

Interviewing 5 time Le Mans winner Derek Bell on stage at Shelsley Walsh.


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  • We’ve just done our first commentary together and, for me, it was a real pleasure

    Murray Walker Testimonial

  • Toby, you have filled me with excitement and anticipation every time I switched on the TV or visited the track to watch MotoGP. Your knowledge is very impressive, but your energy and enthusiasm is unquestionably what makes the race. A true professional.

    Allan McNish Testimonial

  • I don't know how anyone in the UK will be able to watch a MotoGP race without hearing Toby's voice. I know I will struggle. Toby understands racing and relationships within racing. He always asks smart questions to engineers to then better explain to the viewer how MotoGP works from the inside. I can honestly say the viewer learnt and enjoyed MotoGP more because they listened to Toby.

    Andy Priaulx MBE Testimonial

  • I’ve had the pleasure of being commented on by Toby for most of my professional career. His ability to say it how it is has won him an army of fans and from my point of view Toby’s dedication to his work his knowledge enthusiasm and accuracy has made him someone that you can rely on to deliver an honest commentary to the viewer. This is so important to me as I need my fans to be reliably informed.

    James Toseland Testimonial

  • Toby’s racing intelligence, ardent enthusiasm and improvisational wit make Moody a must listen and his events, appointment TV. I consistently find myself educated, entertained and exhilarated by his real time play-by-play which is often as fast and furious as the action he is calling for X Games no matter the discipline.

    Michael Allen Testimonial

  • Toby and Julian are without doubt the best commentary partnership in the motor sport world. Toby’s knowledge of the sport and his broad contacts and respect across the entire MotoGP paddock give him a unique ‘total picture’ of the racing from every angle. That permits Toby to provide his audience with expert commentary along with his own unique and infectious passion, enthusiasm and excitement.

    Lin Jarvis Testimonial

  • Toby's understanding of MotoGP, and critically the people who underpin it, has been invaluable to AUTOSPORT's growing coverage of motorcycle racing. His column on the site has a loyal fanbase and rightly so, for his views are incisive, forthright, passionate and always essential reading. "For a long time now considered the voice of MotoGP in the UK, his contribution to motorcycle racing makes him a precious resource for all fans of the sport

    Simon Strang Testimonial

  • Toby's rider recognition, corner identification and recall of places, dates, etc, is bordering on the supernatural. If you think commentary is about just turning up and talking, I suggest you don't work with Toby. For every hour he spends on the mic, he spends at least two talking to everyone from riders to tyre fitters. Commentating with Toby was always a pleasure. We worked and travelled together for fourteen years yet managed to reman friends

    Julian Ryder Testimonial

  • As our resident MotoGP expert, Toby is an indispensable part of the team. His infectious enthusiasm for motorsport, coupled with a bulging contacts book and the ability to make even the dullest race sound unmissable, makes him one of the most versatile and popular motoring journalists you're ever likely to meet.

    Rob Aherne Testimonial

  • I don't know how anyone in the UK will be able to watch a MotoGP race without hearing Toby's voice. I know I will struggle. Toby understands racing and relationships within racing. He always asks smart questions to engineers to then better explain to the viewer how MotoGP works from the inside. I can honestly say the viewer learnt and enjoyed MotoGP more because they listened to Toby.

    Tom Jojic Testimonial

  • It’s very simple for me, if Toby was commentator I watched that channel. His knowledge, enthusiasm and understanding of what the riders and bikes were doing made you feel that you were right there in the race, amazing talent. Very humble, courteous, great fun and always made you feel welcome

    Derek Warwick Testimonial

  • I met Toby the first time in his very first race in MotoGP: Malaysia 1996. Since then he proved to be the best TV commentator I ever heard. He is professional, enthusiastic and he is able to transfer his passion to the audience. I have no doubt, Toby is “The Voice” of our sport.                                               

    Livio Suppo Testimonial

  • Toby is one of the true good guys in the MotoGP buddies back home loved all the English terms and they always say they want to go out for beers with this guy and get some of his one liners!

    Nicky Hayden Testimonial

  • I can safely say that anyone in two wheeled racing circles would find difficulty in having to get our seasonal dose of MotoGP without the voice that has become engraved in our sport.

    Jeremy McWilliams Testimonial

  • I've spent more time over the last eighteen or more years listening to Toby's epic MotoGP commentaries than might be considered healthy, but long may they continue...

    John Mockett Testimonial

  • I have had the pleasure of working alongside Toby on a number of different projects over the last 10 years, and the experience has really taught me a lot. His work ethic is truly second to none. He's always had an ability when interviewing people to really get the best out of them, in a relaxed style as if you was having a chat with an old pal. Regarding his commentary, what can I say, I could listen to him all day. He has the perfect balance of reading the situation and giving the right amount of information, which I know first hand is easier said than done. A true professional.

    Neil Hodgson Testimonial

  • The Riders for Health auction at Day of Champions is unique in motorsport and has become the highpoint of the season for thousands of MotoGP fans. The event has raised hundreds-of-thousands of pounds for Riders’ vital work in Africa. This would not have been possible without the contribution of Toby and his tireless work in support of Riders for Health, his knowledge of the sport and the remarkable connection he makes with both riders and fans alike

    Andrea Coleman Testimonial

  • Anybody who comes into Toby Moody’s orbit is guaranteed an entertaining time. The guy has personality and energy to spare. As half of the famed Eurosport Moto GP reporting team with Julian Ryder, he represents the greatest commentary duo in motorsport history. Funny, outrageous, passionate - and intensely insightful. When he works on his own, Moody remains authoritative and uniquely able to convey his extraordinary knowledge of all areas of motorsport with his inimitable, boundless and engaging enthusiasm. Throw in his passion for competing in hill climb events, and you have one of those outstanding characters who really ‘get’ their sport.

    David Tremayne Testimonial

  • When it comes to commentators, you cannot put a price on enthusiasm – and when that enthusiasm is matched by a deep and acute knowledge of the subject at hand, the combination is irresistible. Thus, for countless years my enjoyment of MotoGP has been hugely enhanced by Toby Moody, whose obvious love of the sport comes across in every word he speaks.

    Nigel Roebuck Testimonial