Toby Moody is an International Motor Sports TV broadcaster, host and journalist with over 25 years of experience bringing the excitement and thrill of motor sport to the viewer from every continent on the planet.

Into the hot seat of TV Broadcasting in 1996 with just a telephone line, the pictures were just SD, 4:3 and slightly wuzzy…but now as we go into the 4K era of HD TV, Toby has seen, worked on and been involved with everything in between.


The rise of Valentino Rossi, MotoGP changing beyond all recognition, the Dakar Rally changing continents to South America, X Games going worldwide, diesels and hybrids winning Le Mans, electrification and retro motor sport being almost as big as contemporary modern motor sport has all been seen, and broadcast by Toby.

With his passion for purveying the thrill of motor sport to the viewer at home with his passion for ‘who-leads-into-the-first-corner’ or ‘how-did-they-pass-there’ commentary has made Toby one of the most recognised motor sport commentators. Coupled with his well read journalistic opinion and ability to adapt to any ever-changing situation he is well respected by not just fans of motor sport but by those working in motor sport as well.

Toby has worked with Jenson Button for his TV Channel as the F1 World Champion raced in Japan winning the Super GT title. Other projects include commentating on the Rally X on Ice series in Sweden and Norway, while hosting the Goodwood Festival of Speed, commentating at the Le Mans 24 hours, Morocco Rally Raid, hosting for Porsche Motorsport at Le Mans and Spa 24 hour races.


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